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  • Franco-american designer specialized in the creation of collaborative experiences with a fascination for the past, present, and future of city-making.

    Most recently, I've been a co-conspirator on the Banlieue du Turfu project prototyping desirable futures from the perspective of the French banlieues and their inhabitants, worked closely with BouwhulpGroep to scale their citizen outreach, and developed new forms of stakeholder coordination with Humankind.

    Find my latest portfolio here ( 🗂️ )



  • >> L'internet des Chichas / the Hybrid Biennale (2022)
  • >> Multirêve Arlesois / Octobre Numérique (2022)
  • >> Using Fortnite Creative to Solve World Problems / Serious Play Conference (2022)
  • >> Agoravers workshop series / Gaîté Lyrique (2021 - 2022)
  • >> Le droit au temps dans la ville du futur / Institut de Recherche et d'Innovation (2021)
  • >> Quand Soudainement... / Plurality University (2021)
  • >> Kasuri Webinar: Maintaining Tradition in a Transitory World / CCD-NL (2021)
  • >> DESIGN IN AN AGE OF CRISIS / London Design Biennale (2021)
  • >> Alternative Futures / Kazerne Innovation Cafe (2020)
  • >> Digikat / Self-produced (2020)
  • >> New Normal Act 2. / VVFA Podcast (2020)
  • >> Small Talk Big Questions / DRAFT 2020
  • >> Photo Sueding / Processing Community Day (2020)
  • >> Museomix Delhi (2019)
  • >> Hum2035 / BARBICAN'S LIFE REWIRED HUB (2019)
  • >> The Barricade / The Irregulars Art Fair (2018)
  • >> T_T_Table / Bay Area Maker Faire (2014)


  • >> Guest faculty at Leiden School of Urban Studies / Workshop: Laan Van NOI Redesign
  • >> Guest faculty at L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique / Workshop: Designing for Precious Plastics in India (2021)
  • >> Guest faculty at UPES / Workshop: Introduction to Futures Thinking
  • >> Guest faculty at Anant National University (2020) / Workshop: Ahmedabhad 2050
  • >> Guest faculty at L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique / Workshop: Pune2050, Futuring in Fortnite Creative (2021)
  • >> Guest faculty at National Institute of Design / Workshop: Immersive storytelling in Unity
  • >> Guest faculty at Art Center College of Design / Workshop: Design Research 101 (2017)

  • BIO

    As a service designer specialized in the creation of participatory experiences and user research, my work consists of providing the necessary structure for diverse groups of individuals to come together and successfully work together.

    This might mean conducting field research to inform ideation sessions on access to energy on the edge of the grid, or organizing online workshops in multi-player games to imagine the future of cities across oceans.

    In 2020, after spending over eight years working across different industries (mobility, sexual and reproductive health education, financial inclusion, clean energy), I decided to focus my activity on working with clients crafting more desirable cities: scaling access to renovation services for dutch homeowners, futuring exercises on improving social cohesion in The Hague, and collaborations with urban planners to improve the mobility infrastructure in Rotterdam.

    Outside of work, I've developed a real passion for small creative coding experiments. I've organized little hackathons on the topic like Digikat, a whole set of prompt generators like Cryptic Cities and Small Talk Big Questions, and a couple painting apps like PhotoSueding and Digital Reveries.

    If I had to distil my design sensibility to one core idea, it'd be trying to (You can refresh the page to gain greater insight into my design ethos).

    Past clients: Bouwhulpgroep, Humankind, Quicksand, Pull Experience, Sterling Brands, International Rescue Commitee, Moatboat, Two Bit Circus.


    Over the past couple years I have been experimenting with making my research efforts an open and collaborative process. Being overwhelmed by the amount of newsletters I do not read I've instead created a DISCORD server, CYBERLOCAL STRATEGIES, where collaborators and I share updates of ongoing projects and references. I have also started a dedicated NOTION to document tools and methods I've designed for myself in the hope that it might be helpful to others. Finally, you can find my 2016 to 2020 website here, and here the TUMBLR I ran from 2012 to 2021.